How to lie in self-isolation

Well, if anybody, suddenly, doesn't know?

Frog belly up

Anna Ershova got a difficult editorial mission – to regulate what works best in crisis self-isolation!

Text and photo by Anna Ershova

Let’s talk about the most enjoyable exercises. It is positioning lying down.

You need it to lie down consciously. Learn how to feel your muscles. Learn to relax them. Come on, it’s very pleasant to lie down, but lying down comfortable – and with body benefit – is twice as pleasant. So read, study and apply.

The most important thing. Breathe with your tummy. It means round it up when breathe and blow it out when exhaling. Like a ball.

1. Frog belly up. It’s the most useful for girls. It relaxes the back, hip joints, opens the chest, eliminates clamps in the small pelvis area, improves blood circulation.  The roller is pressed to the sacrum, we stretch on it. Put feet together, knees to the side. Shoulders relaxed, neck stretched out. Put the roller beneath the neck. Pull knees down smoothly. Concentrate on breathing. Breathe in the tummy (belly rounded) on 3 counts and exhale on 3 counts.

2. Position of the child on the roller. Knees to the side. Place the roller between the knees. Extend on the roller. Put your hands behind you. Palms up. Put your head on your side. When you get tired of looking at the same picture, slowly turn your head to the other side.

3. Lateral position. The roll across the torso between the iliac crest and the ribs. Stretch laterally on the roller. Connect your feet and your palms. Change sides.

4. Shavasana. Put the roller under our knees. Feet on the width of the shoulders. Pull out the neck. Put another roller under the neck. Put your hands free on the sides of the body with your palms up. Breathe with your stomach. Breathe in and out on 3 counts. Close your eyes and gradually relax the muscles of your fingers and toes, hands and feet, knees, and elbows. Pelvis and shoulders. Relax the neck and face muscles. For 10 minutes we just breathe and relax.

Gather strength and imagine a forest, mountains, sea, rocks – everything where we, as soon as possible, will break from a low start. And in the meantime, enjoy your body position!

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