Catching emotional balance. Breathe!


Having caught the lemon that life has thrown at us, Anna Ershova offers to make lemonade from it. And if you suddenly find yourself in isolation, do not lose heart. Breathe!

Note: We ask you to treat this article with a certain amount of humor, because it helps to survive the most difficult times. We also ask you to take care about your health and the health of your loved ones. Do not disregard precautions!

By Anna Ershova
Photos: Courtesy of Author

What is happening around sometimes resembles the books of Stephen King. Human madness often turns out to be worse than otherworldly horror stories. Let’s save the remnants of the mind. Calm down! It is wise not to go to public places without necessity and if it’s possible, work at home. And transfer the training to the fresh air in deserted places. If there are no such opportunity, then train breathing exercises for peace of mind and training muscles and the respiratory system. The same gymnastics will help you lose weight (if you care) through increased oxygen consumption without torturing yourself with a “buckwheat diet” (so you don’t have to buy buckwheat in huge quantities now!).

Before you start your class, make sure you’re alone in the room. Otherwise, there is a risk of infecting others with a flood of laughter and a good mood. So, we put on masks (well, I know where to get them!) and let’s go.

Bodyflex for COVID-19

All exercises are performed on breath hold. Fine, less risk of inhaling something wrong! Breathe out calmly by mouth, strand your lips together, then make a short sharp breath in by nose and stomach. Next, a powerful exhalation with the sound of “h-ha!” After all these funny actions pull the stomach under the ribs and hold your breath for 5-8 scores.

Repeat each exercise three times.

1. Strangle the COVID-19 in the bud.
Take the ball. If you don’t have ball – inflate the glove. No gloves? Just push our palms at each other. Elbows to the sides, back straight.

2. Meet difficulties with open chest.
Chest pull forward, arms straight back, strain triceps.

3. Boo, coronavirus! We scare the virus.
Get your hands at an angle of 90°. Move the shoulder blades to each other. Keep tension. At the end round your back and threateningly stretch our arms forward!

4. I’m not a human, I’m a triangle, pass by!
Feet wider than shoulders. Tilt to the side. Pull your arm straight over your head. Reach for your hand. Same thing the other side.

5. I am a sumo wrestler, come here, heap!
Feet wider than shoulders, toes look to the sides. Put your hands on hips. Sit down, knees to the sides. Push the hips with your hands from the inside, directing your knees towards each other.

6. Get off, a bad life, see, I’m doing prelum exercises…
6.1 Lying on your back. Legs bent at the knees, twisting.
6.2 Lying on your back. Raise the straight legs to an angle of 45°, hold, lower back pressed to the floor.

7. What is coronavirus ?! Call the exorcist.
Lying on your back, legs bend at the knees, feet closer to the pelvis. Hands along the body. Push the body up, tighten the buttocks, stretch the neck. Hold the bridge.

8. We are waiting for the exorcist.
Standing on all fours. Raise the straight leg to the side, the foot parallel to the floor, pull up your knee to the shoulder, hold. Same with the other leg.

9. Do cobras get the virus?
Kneeling. Pick up the pelvis, connect your palms above your head. Leaning back. Legs and torso in a straight line. Hold.

10. Didn’t help? Hide in the pose of a child.
Breathe smoothly. Inhale for 3 counts by stomach and exhale for 3 counts.

11. And that also did not help? It’s time to get into Shavasana.
Lay down on your back. Take a comfortable position. Make sure that the head is not thrown back, straight your neck. Feet shoulder width apart, hands palms up. Close your eyes and tense and relax your muscles one by one. Relax your facial muscles last. Breathe slowly in our belly. Breath in for 3 counts and breath out. Relax your muscles as you exhale.

In the process, we realize that everything is very good, the coronavirus passes by, oil grows in price. Moral and physical forces are returning, as is toilet paper on the counters.

And seriously, to all who are not in the mountains, we wish endurance, calmness and health!

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