A Song for Tomorrow. Mayan Smith-Gobat

Photo: Ben Ruek

The inability to get together at festivals pushes the producers of outdoor movies to put them online. Now you have a wonderful opportunity to see A Song for Tomorrow – a film about Mayan Smith-Gobat and her friends’ expedition to China.

On her Facebook Page Mayan wrote, that they were “the first climbers to be allowed to explore the countless vertical to overhung towers of Zangjiajie national park in China”. She mentioned, that they just scratched the surface of the potential in this valley, but anyway it was “not only an incredible climbing adventure, it was also a journey through time and culture”.
Thanks, Mayan, for sharing this video with everybody!

As it written in film capture, Mayan Smith-Gobat and Ben Rueck teamed up with China’s renowned climbers Liu Yongbang (Abond) and Xiao Ting for an expedition to explore the Qingfeng Valley, at the boundary of Zhangjiajie, China’s first and largest national park. They were the first climbers to be granted permission to explore the vertical dimensions of Zhangjiajie. Located in central Hunan province, it is one of the country’s most renowned natural preserves. Yet, despite its long history, the strict park regulations had prevented climbers from exploring Zhangjiajie’s countless orange sandstone towers until now.

Photo: Ben Ruek

The goal was to ascend these unique faces using as little fixed protection as they could—leaving nature untouched, the way they found it.

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